Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 2018 Update

I have something planned for posting regularly on my Twitter and eventually Instagram. I don't want to reveal it now, but you'll see it eventually in my feeds.

I am finalizing the short stories for the Abandoned series. Currently four are near completion. I want to write two more just to pad the collection, so that may take another month or so.

The second novel is still simmering, but I'm planning to print that baby up this week. I can't wait to mark that up with red ink, commentary, cutting critique and some salty tears.

Compared to other indie authors, I am writing at a very slow pace. I'm okay with that. I am still getting my legs on this industry, and I'm learning as I go (though in a snail's pace).

I've canceled my Kindle Exclusive, and I'm back to distributing my book wide (hey there, click here to get my book!) I didn't like the thought of being stuck with one distributor. Also, I've invested some cash on Amazon ads. I may lose that money, but I'll chalk it up to "tuition fee."

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