Thursday, February 15, 2018

Let’s Have A Sacrifice

Let’s have a sacrifice
because no one listens
and no one cares,
except for the man inside his head
who needs a headline
and a wikipedia page.

Let’s have a sacrifice
a semi-auto holds thirty
while this sidearm holds twelve,
Just enough to appease our gods
as they listen
to the sound of gunfire.

Let’s have a sacrifice,
up the altar next to the tabloids
and chewing gum,
he pays with a credit card
with twenty-five percent interest,
‘cause they don’t accept plastic in church.

Let’s have a sacrifice.
Made sure they won’t take them
from our supplicant hands,
otherwise what will you offer
along with your thoughts
and prayers.


(At some point you get really really pissed at how nothing is being done with gun violence. More children die and our leaders don't do squat! All we are asking is for common sense gun control.)

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