Monday, May 15, 2017

Novel Number Two

Here we go! Novel number two is in the first draft phase. As for the first novel, I'm still waiting on a response from the publisher. Fingers crossed.

I wrote about 2,300 words this weekend. I'm currently tweaking my process, and I think I'm enjoying how it's progressing.

When I wrote my first novel, I was literally a pantser, the whole novel only hinged on one idea alone, which is "twins transferring sensations to one another." With this second novel, I'm keeping track of the beats I wrote. So, let's say, I wrote 1,200 words and I'm done for the day, I will then make a beat list of what I wrote, and I'll use that as a quick reference on the next writing session.

Along with the beat list, I will also give myself one or two scene teasers. Since I follow the Scene/Sequel format, I will make notes for myself what the next two scenes are, but I won't tell myself what the outcomes are.

For example:

INCITING INCIDENT: Theo/Ezra is in a coma
GOAL: Aries needs to enter their consciousness so he can rescue Ezra from the false memories.
CONFLICT: But Ezra is comfortable with the false memories and doesn't want to leave.

So I tease myself on what will happen, but won't tell myself how it will end. This gives my creative mind something to play around with.

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