Thursday, January 14, 2016

Here we go...

2nd Draft manuscript... yikes.

I've already begun the revision process. Basically, I'm curating my scenes, making sure they have a function and purpose, and not just there as filler or fluff.

The first three chapters were garbage, but I've planned how to revise them. Hopefully they'll look good when I do fix them. After those chapters, the writing and the structure got better compared to the garbage, which somehow surprised me. I hope it still true on the next chapters. Really psyched on how everything will pan out.

My initial estimates of finishing this thing by March might not be feasible, but we'll see. Two days in already, and I've gone through 50 pages, but that's only reading it and creating the outline for the scenes. Actual edits have not happened yet. 

Anyway, I wanted to share to you guys how I organize my scene:

START--LOGLINE--Narrator talking about superhero origins.

Ezra IS BORED because the batteries in his Gameboy dies. He THINKS about climbing the tree in their backyard. Aries ASKS if he wants to play with his action figures and OFFERS his toy Wolverine.

Ezra WANTS TO CLIMB the tree because he had always wanted to. Ezra STARTS for the tree, BUT Aries tells him to stop.

SUCCESS--Ezra is climbing the tree, BUT as he goes further up, his foothold breaks under him.

Aries IS CONCERNED for his twin brother; Ezra IS AFRAID that he’ll land on Aries (clue on how their powers work). Ezra FALLS with his right arm outstretched. It BREAKS and then HEALS immediately. Aries IS CRYING. Ezra DISCOVERS that Aries’ arm is broken. The neighbors FIND the boys in this situation and TELLS Ezra to wake his mother up.

Ezra NEEDS TO WAKE his mother up, BUT Gracie is drunk, high or both. (SHOW the inside of the living room: bottles, pills, cigarettes). Ezra SHAKES and SCREAMS at her, BUT she’s barely stiring.

SUCCESS--Ezra SLAPS her awake.

END--VISUAL DESCRIPTION--Gracie freaks out and argues with the EMTs; the neighbor offers Gracie and Ezra a ride to the hospital; Ezra appears worried; Ezra scratches his arm.​

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